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We are planning Memphis Veg Fest 2018! 

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1350 Concourse Ave, Suite 137 Memphis, TN 38104

 Mama Gaia, meaning “Mother Earth” in ancient Greek, is a fast-casual dining  experience offering only organic, vegetarian menu options at affordable  prices.

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City Silo



City Silo created a menu with the intention of replicating familiar flavors and textures from our favorite dishes, but create them with health in mind. 

Zaka Bowl


MEMPHIS, TN, 38117

We create veggie-centric bowls and salads that help fuel your fast-paced lifestyle. Get your bowl on! Compassionate choices lead to a cleaner, happier, healthier you and planet.

Whole Foods Market



 Shopping with us is more than just a trip to the grocery store, it’s an experience! We pride ourselves on having helpful, knowledgeable staff and creating and educational an enjoyable atmosphere for our shoppers. 

Feeding the Need

Merge Memphis

 Our Goal is simple, we're working to feed hungry people. Whether at  shelters, through family food box delivery, or in the streets. We help  find homes for the homeless in conjunction with partners and clothe  those who need clothing by supplying clothes for shelters and individual  families in the greater Memphis area. 

A portion of profits from Memphis Veg Fest will go to Merge Memphis, a non-profit organization 

About Us

Why Memphis Veg Fest

Serving and living in Memphis, it’s hard to miss the pressing need in Memphis for access to fresh, healthy foods.
A 2010 Gallup poll ranked Memphis as the most food-insecure major city  in America. We are consistently ranked among the top three fastest  cities in the country. Even where there is fresh food, a large segment  of our community does not have knowledge of the variety of exciting ways  it can be prepared nor the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Do Something About It

 Our answer to this is Memphis Veg Fest, an annual celebration of the  fun, delicious ways to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to  give people greater access to nutrition, vitality, and health.  The  festival is filled with people enjoying vegan and vegetarian foods,  participating in demonstrations, and learning from speakers. 

The Veg Fest Crew

The Veg Fest Crew is a group of awesome individuals who are helping to  make positive changes in Memphis. Our credentials go from beginning to  incorporate more vegan meals in our diet to being strictly vegan for 45  years. Visit our blog often where we share our personal experiences  living a plant-based lifestyle.  

Memphis Love Vegan Love,

The Veg Fest Crew